Tanks Connected offers both bolted and welded tanks for the storage of processed food products. Relative to carbon steel construction, specialized FDA approved coatings are applied in a controlled environment and “baked-on” to the substrate surface. The processes stainless steel and aluminum fabrication on a separate alloy line to prevent contamination of dissimilar metals. Typical food grade weld profiles are available as “smooth not flush”, “flush” and “flush and polished” to meet your requirements. All alloy construction is chemically washed internally for stored product protection and externally as well for aesthetic appearance prior to shipment.

Larger volume applications routinely specify smooth wall bolted silos. Designed and customized per your requirements, The designs are certified to nationally recognized codes and local codes as required.

In the food industry today, the advantage includes:

  • Welded tank diameters from 4-15’ (1.2 - 4.5m) diameter with capacities up to 12,000 cubic feet (340 m3)

  • Bolted tank diameters (with hoppers) from 9-45’ (2.7 - 13.7 m) diameter with capacities up to 150,000 cubic feet (4250 m3)

  • Flat bottom silos for process grain applications are available up to 2,000,000 cubic feet (56,633 m3)

  • Construction availablecoated carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, FRP & Dual Laminates

  • Baked-on factory coatings are FDA approved and provide low maintenance requirements

  • Product flow testing to ensure mass or funnel flow requirements

  • Special design considerations can be incorporated for NFPA 68 and FM requirements

  • Special accessories include: Bin activators for sugar discharge, fluidization discs for flour storage, chisel bottom designs and passive flow controls for functional mass flow hopper discharge

  • Tank support styles include: leg, skirt, lug, girder, load cell & structural steel approaches

  • Field installation by direct in-house Tanks Connected installation crews

  • Auxiliary equipment including system components, dust collection, inventory controls, blowers, conveying pipe, etc.

  • Competitive pricing

  • Turnkey design, supply and installation by one company – Tanks Connected

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