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Geodesic Domes

An umbrella is the perfect protection against the weather. Universal and feather-light, it keeps anything that's under it dry. So how would it be to have umbrellas that had spans from a few metres to more than 100 metres – and are still made of a feather-light construction? 


You would get the perfect protection from the elements, where other technologies would mean too much effort or would be too expensive – they would be ideal for valuable raw materials, sensitive substances or any other object that must be protected.


The Tanks Connected dome is your solution. This innovative modular system consists of specially developed aluminium profiles, which are joined together into a self-supporting construction. Between them, triangular plates of high dimensional accuracy or transparent elements form the protective skin.

Pipe leadthroughs, suspensions, sprinklers, manholes, ventilation or even ascending slopes and staircases can be implemented on an individual basis in any project.

The Tanks Connected geodesic dome is your optimum enhancement for the construction of tanks. You will be astonished how advanced Aluminium technology shows its strengths for the storage of liquid​

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