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Silos And



Hopper Bins

You’ll be able to unload your grain quickly and easily with the Tanks Connected Hopper Bin. We enhance the sidewall sheet gauges to accommodate the additional pressure from hopper unloading. All Tanks Connected Hopper Bins come standard with ground control remote openers. The galvanized Superior Hopper Bottom Cone features a bolted design that provides easy transport and assembly. Unstiffened hopper bins are available in 15- to 27-foot diameters up to six rings high. Stiffened hopper bins are available in 15- to 30-foot diameters and are up to 12 rings high.

Farm Bins

With increased harvest capacities and fluctuating grain prices, on-farm storage allows you the ability to store your grain until the time is just right to sell.  With Superior’s high-quality construction and the strongest roof in the industry, you know your grain is going to be protected all the time. Our farm bins range from 15- to 48-foot diameters in both stiffened and unstiffened models.

Commercial Bins


Maximum capacities, hefty protection. The heavy-duty stiffeners in Tanks Connected Commercial Bins are deeper and stronger than others. They carry vertical loads to the foundation and resist wind loads more effectively than unstiffened bins. We provide a one-piece roof panel on bins up to 60 feet in diameter and offer structured roofs with up to 50,000 pounds of capacity.

Excel Grain Dryers

EXCEL continuous mixed-flow grain dryers process your grains more evenly and significantly reduce the potential for heat stress cracking. With one on your farm, you’ll be able to get the highest possible prices for your crops.

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