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Floating Suction

This unit safeguards the quality of product drawn off from the tank and substantially reduces settling times. 


Although the Tanks Connected SWING Series Floating Suction Unit was originally designed specifically for use in tanks storing aviation fuel where a water and sediment free product is essential, their application has gradually extended throughout other industries. 


Jet fuel quality is maintained by regular filtration and checks at all points and stages in its transfer to the airfield. The floating suction unit is one of a large number of safeguards to ensure fuel quality and safety in air transport. 

Not only is water contaminated fuel a hazard to jet engine operation, but its presence also promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi which in turn can contaminate and block filters, and cause the fuel to be hazy and out of specification. 

Sediment in finished fuel can suspend on the hydrocarbon/water interface and be sucked into the fuel upon transfer. By minimizing water, sediment and bacteria, the Tanks Connected SWING Series Floating Suction Unit can help provide a consistent high quality fuel and reduce the time required for filtering, hydrotreating or increased settling time between shipments. It can also help jet, diesel and aviation fuel meet color, filterability and haze specifications. 


The Tanks Connected SWING  Series Floating Suction Unit is ideal for use in crude storage applications where water is present. Bacteria are becoming more prevalent in crude oil due to down-hole water injection and water reuse practices in separation facilities. More water to the crude unit backs out crude from the refinery. Increased sediment and bacteria can upset downstream equipment. 

These conditions may result in a loss in refinery production. The floating suction unit can help provide a consistent high quality fuel by minimizing water, sediment and bacteria which results in an increase in refinery production.

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