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Roof Drain Systems

Tanks Connected DRAIN HOSE is manufactured according to the requirement specified by the European Standards EN 13765:2003 Type 3 (BS 5842:1980), and in accordance with the recommendations of NAHAD Guidelines (NAHAD 600/2005).

Extremely flexible, easy to handle and bend, ATECO DRAIN HOSE hose is used for immersion inside storage tanks, for water drainage from the floating roofs. 

Tanks Connected  DRAIN HOSE hoses are specifically designed to resist immersion in high aromatic or corrosive liquids with a temperature range from -40 to +100°C and, thanks to its construction, prevent any possible collapse due to the external pressure. 

The hose is specifically engineered to have a negative buoyancy, this to prevent the hose floating in the tank liquid. Upon request it is possible to apply a longitudinal coloured stripe on each hose, to ensure correct alignment. Clamps and chains for roof attachment are supplied on request. 

All hoses are 100% aromatic resistant, electrically continuous, antistatic and can be used for suction or discharge. Tanks Connected DRAIN HOSE are used in full length, as complete system for water drainage, or in many cases, thanks to the great flexibility, it is used as well in short lengths, as a rotating bend on elbow connection for “pantograph” systems. 

Tanks Connected DRAIN HOSE assemblies are fitted with an extensive range of couplings readily available, externally swaged with Stainless Steel ferrules and Viton® seals.

Tanks Connected DRAIN HOSE assemblies are tested at 1 ½ times rated working pressures for safety and reliability, in accordance with BS 5842:1980 clause 6.4 (EN ISO 1402). The securing ferrule, at one end of the hose, is permanently marked by embossing, with manufacturer’s name, nominal bore, serial number and the test date . Full test certification can be supplied on request.


Burst pressure indicated, is at ambient temperature when tested in accordance with BS 5173 section 102.10:1990. (EN ISO 1402)

Electrical continuity is achieved by the two wires bonded to the end fittings, this helps dissipate accumulated charge and to avoid static flash. The electric resistance of hose assemblies is less than 10 ohms,as required by BS 5842:1980 clause 6.2(EN ISO 8031). A special conductive swaging seal is used to guarantee the hose is electrically continuous through both the inner and outer helices.

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