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Swivel Joints

The unrivalled success of Tanks Connected Loading Systems is largely due to another first in liquid handling, the Tanks Connected swivel joint, which ensures fluid transfer continuity between two mobile sections. 

The durability of this swivel joint has been field proven and regularly enhanced since its inception in the early 2004's.The Tanks Connected swivel joint is the right solution for the widest possible range of products.


The Tanks Connected swivel joint acts as the "heart" of loading/unloading arms and jumper assemblies. It provides reliability and sealability while transferring the product even under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. 

The swivel joints, which permit a wide range of horizontal and vertical movements, are very easy to handle, move and position. 

The range can meet almost all chemical, gas or oil product transfer requirements, even in the most difficult service conditions (low or high pressure, very low or high temperatures), while taking into account specific conditions of use (underwater applications, aggressive products, etc.). 


Swivel joints ensure dynamic water tightness and can be used for many industrial applications, such as pneumatic or hydraulic mobile links, pneumatic or hydraulic machines with rotating elements, etc. 

The number one priority of Tanks Connected is to offer the solution best suited to your fluid transfer requirements, from the easiest to the most demanding.


The Tanks Connected Swivel Joint is the latest result of our constant investment and commitment in R&D, benefiting from more than 8 years of experience, as well as the latest technological innovations.

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